The Dog Knows Finnish

I’m so happy to see my latest story, The Dog Knows Finnish, published in the first print edition of Profiles Journal, a Dublin-based independent literary and vis-arts journal dedicated to character studies and portraiture.

This story was partly born from a real event that happened in the 1980’s, when a Scandinavian (possibly Finnish?) athletic club visited my hometown of Lifford, County Donegal, in a sporting exchange with our local (and conveniently-named) Finn Valley Athletic Club.

As an adult, I’ve been lucky enough to make some Finnish friends, who were able to help me with the Finnish lines in the story, and I remember as a young teenager meeting a foreigner for the very first time and being amazed that our dog seemed to understand what he was saying, even though he was speaking another language.

Unfortunately, the first print run of Profiles Journal has flown off the shelves, but they are planning an additional print, so you can pre-order for delivery in December 2022 – check their website for more details.


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